introducing mko


“Do not hire a man who does your work for money, but him who does it for love of it.” - Henry David Thoreau



My name is Markus Kosmal and my passion is creating new worlds with code.

Here at my site you can get some information about me and my projects, what I do and what I already did.



After experiments with nursing and teaching others how to dive, I decided to follow my great and wise mother's advice. Now I do what I always did (somehow). Working with computer, hard- and software.

I grew up with Commodore and Atari. As I was about ten years old there was a computer store in town. The owner wanted to get rid of his old stuff in the basement. I was begging my mother to get me there with the car and fetch all the hardware we can get. Several old 386, 486 DX2s, antique iron steel server racks, at least miles of cable and many more parts were my treasure.

I collected what I found in my family's basement. Spent months down there, understanding, repairing and working with the machines. Built programs, networks and firewalls the one day - attacked and destroyed them the other day.

I learned the basics and got my first set of tools at infoteam Software AG. I gained a lot of experience within different software development projects during internship, traineeship and working there.

My focus is definitely on the web and I learned a lot about it during the years.

I worked for different companies of different sizes like adorsys, BeBrand, codecentric AG or CARMA Group GmbH.
Additionally I worked as a freelancer, doing smaller closed projects for different customers on my own. I used to have a job as a burger roaster as well.

I served a lot of different customers. Well known examples are Audi, BMW, ERGO and Siemens.


What I do

I'm a team member of infoteam Software AG .

If you need an outstanding partner for your software development, drop me a message.


Consulting & Engineering



Building state of the art backends with (e.g. application server) or without servers (means serverless).


Construction of cross-platform client systems. With web-sites, web-services, native apps and more.


Security concepts from intrusion detection, app/service hardening to in-deep penetration testing.


Infrastructure as code, provisioning, integrating and delivering continuously - by default.

Clamd Anti-Virus as a Service

Dockerized Malware Detection

Clamd and freshclam running within a docker image.
Debian based or built on Alpine Linux with minimal footprint.

Open Source Anti Virus in Docker

Debian: Legacy Image at mkodockx/docker-clamav

Alpine: New and latest on Alpine Linux


Feel free to send me a message

Send a mail to msg(ät)m-ko.de